Merlin Industries Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Merlin Industries?
A:  Founded in 1985, Merlin Industries is South Florida’s leading Metal Fabrication and Insulation Manufacturer that serves the HVAC industry from its headquarters in Davie, Florida.
Q:  How did Merlin Industries get its name?
A:  The Founders hoped to create a business that would transcend them, so rather than using their last name, they chose to name the company after Merlin The Magician to better communicate the business’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations.
Q:  What types of products and services does Merlin provide?
A:  Merlin provides 9 product/service types – Metal Duct, Fiberglasss Duct, Kool Duct, HVAC Supports and Stands, HVAC Mold Abatement, HVAC Sound Mitigation, HVAC Insulation, Generator Exhaust Insulation, Custom Welding and and Custom Metal Fabrication.
Q:  What types of clients does Merlin serve?
A:  Merlin’s clients primarily include General Contractors, HVAC Contractors and Owners of commercial and industrial buildings.
Q:  How does Merlin price its work?
A:  Merlin prices every project to meet each client’s expectations according to desired quality and required delivery date.
Q:  How quickly can Merlin fill a product order?
A:  Call us with your requirements, and we will tell you what we can commit to delivering.
Q:  Why does Merlin call itself South Florida’s leading Metal Fab and Duct Insulation shop?
A:  We heard that’s what our clients say about us when their referrals call in with new business inquiries.