Why Merlin Industries

At Merlin Industries, we apply our strengths as South Florida’s leading Metal Fabrication and Insulated Duct shop to deliver HVAC accessory solutions. Our capabilities also allow us to assist our clients with special project requests for insulation and metals that are not always associated with HVAC installations. We manage all projects to meet our client’s expectations from initial request to final delivery. Our HVAC industry knowledge helps contractors and building owners continue to deliver according to their client’s expectations. We invest in the latest equipment and training to ensure our exceptionally talented employees remain our most valuable asset. We have operated this way since The Maurer Family founded the company in 1985.

Project Specialization

Merlin Industries is built on a strong foundation of technical experience and business sense. The solutions we provide our clients come from our concentrated business platform, which focuses on Metal and Fiberglass Duct, HVAC Metals and Architectural Metals. We primarily serve clients that are contractors or owners of commercial and industrial buildings.

Service Formula

Merlin Industries operates with constant attention to what matters most to our clients: quality, price and schedule. We are experts with our balanced delivery of these three important business requirements based on the client’s needs. Our clear communication and understanding about each client’s project goal is what allows us to meet their expectations from the time the project commences.

Client Focus

Above all, Merlin’s No. 1 priority is to serve the needs of our clients. This commitment is reflected in our culture. We value integrity, professionalism and a passion for excellence. We also have a clear understanding that trust is something we must earn every day.